Leading from the Trenches – 5 + 2 Tips for Standing Out on Any Project

Taking basic steps such as being prepared for a meeting and working to achieve team consensus, plus speaking up at team gatherings, allows you to display your leadership talents as an individual contributor on a project.


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Are Starbucks’ Big Gambles Paying Off? Too Early to Tell, but Reasons to be Encouraged

Starbucks gambles on opening 15th Ave. Coffee and Tea and introducing Via instant coffee may have looked like gambles, but early signs are encouraging, and there is a lot that was done right with the experiments.

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Why All the Clichés about Luck are True, and How to Be One of the Lucky Ones

Allowing your energy and outlook to be dictated by setbacks rather than opportunities, limits your potential for growth and happiness. I, for one, will choose optimism, even if it is, at times, naïve.

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